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Next Steps…

Give me a call at 509-290-3994 or click the button to see learn how I can take some of the stress out of your life.

My Approach

My name is Mercedes Bonilla and I am Your Office Organizer.  My goal is to create and maintain an organized and productive office environment so you can enjoy more time doing what you love. This idea was birthed and established in 2014 (as An Organized Office) to help solopreneurs and entrepreneurs get a handle on their files – vendors, clients, accounts payables and receivables, etc.  – and as a result have freedom from paperwork chaos. 

My Story

I am a subject matter expert in Office Management and Administration with over 35 years’ experience in the field.  As a Certified Administrative Professional, I have working knowledge in

  • Leadership
  • Organizational Communication
  • Business Writing and Document Production
  • Technology & Information Distribution
  • Office & Records Management
  • Event & Project Management
  • Team Management
  • Finance Functions.