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How Often Should I Sort, File & Purge Documents?

Every day, of course!  But the reality is that you’re out, meeting with people, selling your products or services, right?  How can you stay organized every day? Can you do it once a week? Monthly? The longer you wait the more overwhelming it will get and your stress will increase.  Even when you ignore the pile, I guarantee every time you look at it, your stress level increases a point or two. It happens that way with loose ends….

I Feel Overwhelmed, How Do I Get Started?

OK, so you’ve decided to tackle the paper monster in your business or home office!  Now what? You’ll have to decide what to organize and what to toss and this process, to be effective, can take several “passes”. What is most important to you now?  Client files? Vendor invoices? Learning Resources?  Focus on the most important thing first, then the 2nd or 3rd.


Why Do I Need and Office Organizer?

You might be asking yourself “what’s the big deal about having an organized office?” Not only does it reduce overwhelm and inspires peace, but at the end of the day, it’s about what we all want more of:time and money. When we have organized office environments, we save time looking for that missing file or contract.  We spend, on average, 2 hours a day, looking for missing file. What is your hourly rate? How much money are you loosing every day, looking for that file or paper? Per week? Annually? Thats a big deal indeed!

What do I need to open the files ?

How can I edit smart objects ?

Is the font free ?